What makes Vertu different compared to Apple’s iPhone ?

I have owned 2 Vertu’s. An Ascent and more recently the Signature Touch. The devices are all about craftsmanship, materials and quality. The concierge is hyped, but you can buy a concierge service for $3k/yr easily (and after the 1st year you will need to anyways), so that’s not the point.

Real, high-quality leather, liquid-metal alloy, crystal sapphire display, ruby keys, immaculate attention to detail on the inside and out. Each phone is crafted by a single person who signs the phone, trained in the old-world way of complication watch making.

Hasselblad-tuned camera, London Symphony Orchestra-sourced tones, Dolby audio. The audio quality and speakerphone are incredible.

Vertu could do more in the software arena. They do have a light skin on Android – and several Vertu apps for various lifestyle services and experiences.

99% of people will never care about the craftsman aspects – but if you value attention to detail and a story behind the products you own – the Vertu is for you. For everyone else, there’s no way you could ever begin to justify it.