vertu company has a big problem has never meet

In July 1, 2009, London – Vertu, the world’s leading distinguished handset maker, announced the appointment of Perry Oosting as president of the company.

Oosting has held senior management positions in several luxury brands, including Bvlgari (Bvlgari), Prada (Prada), GUCCI (Gucci) and Ai Oscar Da (Escada). His arrival will bring a wealth of management experience in the luxury industry is Vertu.

Alberto Torres, the current president, is about to leave. Under his leadership, Vertu has achieved good growth performance. Oosting plans to continue to maintain this momentum, will focus on the following aspects: portfolio management strong, natural product diversification, and to explore the major growth opportunities in the global mature and emerging market through various channels.

Oosting said: “it’s a great honor to have the opportunity to work with an exciting pioneer brand like Vertu, and use the opportunity of this new luxury market to continue to build new heights for Vertu’s success.”.”

Perry Oosting has been officially replaced Alberto Torres as president of the company, and has presided over the work in England headquarters of Hampshire Vertu. And Alberto Torres will be the senior vice president of NOKIA Global Product Portfolio and Product Management (global product portfolio and product management).