About us

Vertuphones.Net. was founded in 2012 in Hongkong, on principals of selling super quality consumer electronics.

Founded in Hongkong in 2012, Vertuphones.Net was one of the first small consumer electronics businesses to cultivate strategic partnerships with Asia-based manufacturers with the aim to bring high-quality and affordable goods to global consumers. While global customers saw a spike in demand for affordable vertu fake phones, such as vertu signature touch anroid phones,vertu constellation X,Vertu Aster P phones,Purchase of Goods that met the high-quality standards global consumers demanded. Vertuphones.net sought to bridge the gap between the growing demand for state-of-the-art Vertu replica phones at global country customers, the from conception to production, to create high-quality merchandise sold exclusively through Vertuphones.net. Because Vertuphones.net works directly with the factories on product development and quality assurance, we are able to offer high-quality products to global consumers at factory-direct prices. Before Vertuphones.net fine-tuned this model, consumers had to choose between buying merchandise at higher retail prices or buying substandard quality merchandise directly from overseas factories to save money. With Vertuphones.net, consumers don’t have to settle for low prices at the expense of quality. In addition, unlike many overseas manufacturers, Vertuphones.net prides itself on excellent customer service.